Bagels and American History: Philadelphia Travel Guide

Hey guys, as promised, I wrote a little travel guide for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for you! I've only been there for a day, so I don't cover every sight at all, but we did a lot and I feel like, I definitely know the vibe of Philly now. So here are all my recommendations for one... Continue Reading →


The NYC Diaries, Part 2: Sunny Days in the Concrete Jungle

Hey guys, welcome to Part 2 of the NYC Diaries! I did a lot of exploring, a lot of walking around and having fun with the girls from my hostel, basically. I get the feeling of getting to know the city a little bit right now, but I'm still overwhelmed sometimes by the endless list... Continue Reading →

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

Hey guys, you probably heard of The Hate U Give (published in 2017), as it is a very hyped novel that recently got turned into in a major motion picture. I really wanted to read the book before watching the movie, so I borrowed it from my sister and started reading it. And what can... Continue Reading →

January and February Favourites

Hey guys, the first two months of the year are almost over! How crazy is that! I’ve been quite busy with work and social life stuff, which is why I have been very quiet both on my Instagram account and here on my blog. But there were a few things that made the two most... Continue Reading →

Best of 2018: My top 3 reads!

Hey guys! Long time no blog post... Well, I thought about what to do as my first post in 2019 and of course it had be some kind of "best of 2018" post. Therefore you can read all about my three favourite books of 2018 in the following. I read different authors, different genres and... Continue Reading →

Autumnal Rituals and Favorites

Hey guys, autumn's finally here! As it is my favorite season of all (and not just because my birthday's in November), I have some special rituals I always do in autumn and some things I wouldn't want to miss during this special time of the year. I've got some fashion and lifestyle favorites for you... Continue Reading →

Spooky Autumn Reads

Hello fellow book lovers, Today, I’ve got a special book post coming for you. The days are getting colder and darker and everything calls for a good, spooky book to read during autumn. That’s why I put together a #tbr list full of thrilling and sometimes spooky stories that will run chills down your spine.... Continue Reading →

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